Sunday, March 30, 2008

Hmmm.... Update much?

Well, I thought that I was doing a great job on updating and then...I stopped. I do have a good excuse though! Let's see where we left off.

We had spring break (well, I had) a few weeks ago. And it was absolutely amazing. I think that it was by far the best Spring Break I have ever had. Seriously. We went on a family vacation with my mom, sister (Dawn) and her husband (Jim) and their 2 kiddos (Bailey-7 and Tate-3.5) and my mom's mom. It was so wonderful. We were able to go to Durango, where my uncle owns a condo. The snow has been unbelievable there. I think that they had somewhere around 4 feet of snow just hanging out in random spots. The house across the way from my uncle had at least 4 feet of snow piled on their roof. We were able to sled, tube, build snowmen, eat snow, make snow angels...well you get the idea. Clint was able to ski which he really enjoyed. It was so nice to feel so refreshed and literally just taken out of your current location. I truly felt removed from everything. I have never had a harder time coming back to real life. I think that we were all a little depressed around our house last week.

School is back in full swing, and although I have "less" to do this part of the semester, I am already feeling mildly overwhelmed. I think that is in part because I am looking to what has to be done over the summer...yikes. I know I will get it all done though! I just can't think about the future right now!

Friday night we had our youth kids over and it was a blast. I usually enjoy having them over, but this time was most excellent. We have two new girls that have been coming, and one plays the keyboard/piano and the other plays the guitar. It was really cool to have them all playing along with Clint and just singing. I also love that they all feel right at home here. And better yet, they don;t mind a little dust. Good thing, because neither do least not right now. Our church (New Home Baptist) also celebrated their 100th anniversary today. It was pretty spectacular. There were many many guests from all over that came back to share memories and to take part in this big celebration. They also created a little booklet that had all of the church's history recorded. It was amazing to read everything. It also made sense why they record everything at business meetings! We are also able to enjoy the fact that we made it in the book, and hopefully we will continue some sort of legacy at NHBC!

Lets see...Cooper gets to be ringbearer in a wedding on Saturday. My best friend from high school is getting married and Cooper gets to try his shot at being the world's best ringbearer, round 2. He will be able to try again in June...let's hope that he is a good as he was at Ben and LeAnne's wedding!

No other news to report except that this is incredibly long. Hopefully since I have finally taken the time to update I can do a better job from now on!