Monday, July 14, 2008

An update would be good...

Well, I suppose I should update since it has been a while. We survived the funeral. Clint did a fabulous job singing and playing the guitar, probably the best he has ever played. The family and everyone there really seemed to enjoy his song choices.

I was able to complete my 3 classes in June. I was taking Master's level classes so that we would able to move. I made all A's! WOOHOO!

Camp in Glorietta was unbelievable. We arrived around 11pm New Mexico time on Monday evening. We had a blast the whole week, with only a few bumps in the road. Clint sprained his ankle on Tuesday which set us back for the whole week. We still had a good time is gorgeous up there.

We returned from camp on Saturday evening, went home packed up Clint's portion of the house, and drove to Decatur. We had our first official Sunday at Cornerstone, and it was amazing. Clint then left Monday morning for camp with Cornerstone. They had a great week of bonding and growing closer to God and each other. And I am a little bitter that I wasn't there.

While Clint enjoyed camp, I started my last class at Tech. I also experienced having a hot water heater break and flood my carpets by myself this week as well. NOT FUN! My mom came in town on Friday, and we are still waiting on the carpet company to come and fix it all up. Hopefully we will end up with some new furniture and carpet through all of this...and maybe our house will sell better!

LeAnne and Ben also welcomed sweet Isaac into the world on Thursday, July 10. He is precious, Cooper and I have had to hold ourselves back! We could just eat him up! :o)

Not much else is going on here...I would love to hang out with everyone before we officially move on August 6!