Monday, September 8, 2008

I am so behind....

Well, who is surprised by my lack of posting?? Everything has been super crazy around here! It is so nice to live in the same town and only have one job...

Cooper and I have adjusted nicely to Decatur, we have really enjoyed seeing the family on a weekly basis! Church is going great, Clint is loving his job. What a blessing!

I suppose that I never officially "announced" that we are pregnant again, but we are! WooHoo! We find out tomorrow (Tuesday) what this little one is! I can't wait. I have enjoyed feeling all kinds of kicking in just recent days. What a sweet reminder of what is going on inside! We are praying that all is healthy with this little one, and that we can finally choose a name! :o)

Clint and I were blessed to be asked to teach at a Special Friends retreat this last weekend. It was amazing to say the least. It is a retreat for special needs people of most ages, although most were over 18. It was a blast, and we especially enjoyed the talent show! We of course enjoyed the very very very very most seeing Ben, LeAnne, and Isaac! We were so overdue for a visit with our beloved cube. Cooper enjoyed loving on Isaac, probably too much, so sorry LeAnne! :o) We miss our friends the very most! We were also able to bum around Lubbock for about 4 hours on Friday morning, so we headed out to New Home to see our previous youth group. What a surprise they had! We were so glad that we were able to see them during their lunch hour, and it was even better to see the look of total and complete shock on their faces. We miss them so much! It was great to see them, and we were amazed at how much they have grown up over the last few months.

Not much else is going on. The house is Lubbock is still forsale...please tell anyone that needs a home in Lubbock to take a look and BUY it! :o) We miss Lubbock, but it would sure be nice to have everything officially moved over to Decatur. Let us know if you will ever be in the DFW area, we would love to see our friends!

(I will probably update on Wednesday with the gender results as I have class tomorrow evening...)