Friday, June 27, 2008



That pretty much sums it up.

Yesterday morning in Lubbock there was a wreck involving a motorcycle and a Tahoe on 82nd and Milwalkee. The Tahoe had a young mom and her two kids under 5. The motorcycle had a dad and a 14 year old boy. The wreck ended with 2 fatalities. Justin, the 14 year old on the bike, goes to New Home Baptist Church, and Clint and I are his youth pastors. We had the joy of being with him Wednesday night, preparing for camp, and enjoying a swim party as a part of Clint and I's last official Wednesday. Dan, Justin's dad, was also at the meeting. We had the chance to meet him and brag about Justin and his other son, Jacob, 16. That was the first and last time we met and saw Dan. Justin is in Heaven now, and we are rejoicing. Yet the town of New Home has been rocked to the core...again. Just 2 short years ago they lost a student to a car wreck on her way to school. How will the kids survive this?

Please pray with Clint and I for the sweet town of New Home. Please pray for Jacob as he is going to be lost without his best friend and younger brother. Please pray for Sherry as she copes with losing a husband and son and has she mourns with their 10 year old daughter. Please pray for the whole school as they are lost right now and unsure of what to do next.

Clint and I have never dealt with this as youth pastors. We are just praying praying praying and loving loving loving. It is hard to shake seeing the family find out the news as Clint and I were at the hospital all day yesterday. Hard to have about 50 kids in the waiting room sobbing hysterically as they find out that their friend won't be making it. Hard to patiently wait to see how God is going to move this town and these kids.

We are scheduled to leave for church camp on Monday morning. Please pray that the services will be Sunday or Monday morning and that the autopsy will happen soon. We need these kids to be in a place where they have few distractions, where they can be together, and where they can be moved by God.

Here is the story.

Thursday, June 12, 2008


Well friends. It is official. Clint and I have a new job. We are now the newest youth pastor at Cornerstone Baptist Church in Decatur, Texas. WOO! God is so good! We have been praying and searching for a church that we could serve at full-time, and here it is! We are so excited, but spazzing out at what needs to be done! We are currently prepping the house to put on the market ASAP. We have a little left, but otherwise it shouldn't be long. I am also taking 9 hours at Tech in June, so that has me busy from 10-4 everyday. Plus we have our responsibilities in New Home to finish up....oh man. Here is our schedule for the next few weeks:

June 16-27 Kerry finishes up class at Tech
June 22- meet and greet Sunday at Cornerstone
June 27- Clint's last day at APS
June 27-28 in Abilene for Cooper to be a ringbearer at our dear friend's wedding
June 29- last official Sunday in New Home
June 30-July 5 Church camp with New Home
July 6- first official Sunday with Cornerstone
July 7- Clint leaver for camp with Cornerstone
July 7- I start summer school for July
August- hopefully I move to Decatur with a sold house!

Please keep us in your prayers!!!! Check out the churches website too.

God is GOOD!