Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Settling In...Finally?

So, it seems that I might finally be settling in to school. Yes, it is halfway through the fall semester, but I do have 2 more full semesters to endure. Better that I figure this stuff out sooner rather then later. Anyways, a few breakdowns later, I know that I can do this. I have just turned in 2 enormous projects, and I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. Praise the Lord for that! I still have several projects to go, but these 2 have been looming over my head for a while. I will be so glad to take a break this weekend! Maybe I can relax and just enjoy our time in Plano. God never ceases to amaze me when things work out. I should probably just trust in Him, and know that it will all work out. Buuut, I seem to like to do things on my own. I have finally learned that if the laundry doesn't get done, it is ok. We can wear clothes we haven't worn in a while. Who cares? It can get done later, or by someone else! Who knew?!?

So, if you happen to stop by the Donaldson casa, don't freak out that it is messier than normal. We are getting through school and life. Housework is on the bottom of the list!

(finally a good excuse for that! woohoo!)

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Lame Rivalries

Ok, normally I could care less about this, but I feel as though it is getting out of hand. This whole A&M/Tech rivalry is a little bit redic. I mean, I can see how A&M would like to pretend that it isn't a rivalry, but we have beat them in football for many many years now. I don't know, it just seems a bit over the top. I will agree that Tech doesn't have the best school (education wise), but it isn't like A&M can talk much. We both have our flaws, and it really shouldn't be such a big deal. The way that the Aggies are dissing Tech is getting a bit messed up. I know that we diss the aggies, but it sure doesn't seem to be quite like this.

You can check out Facebook for several groups talking about how uneducated people are from Tech. I will give them that we are a bit classless, but to say that we can't get into A&M is why we are at Tech is messed up. I know of some people that didn't get into A&M that are at Tech, but for the most part, everyone is here because they want to be. If they wanted to be at A&M so bad, they could just go to community college.

Anyways, this is lame, but it has just been getting on my nerves. Oh, and no, we are not causing the tortilla prices to go up in Mexico because we throw them at the game. Not THAT many people actually do that anymore!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Terrible Posters...

Well. We are terrible at posting. Why do we even have this? Who knows...it isn't like we have time. Then again, when I am supposed to be studying (say, like now) it seems to be a great time waster.

Things have been crazzzzy around here! Between my school, part time job, Clint's full-time job, our youth "part time job", church, Cooper, each other, the list goes on and on....we seem to be lacking time in a major way. I somehow manage to have very few mental break downs, but I am not sure how that happens. Probably just through the grace of God. I try to only look one week ahead on my calendar for fear of hear failure. And I don't say that lightly. I was reminded that we only have 6 weeks left of this semester. I suppose that I should be rejoicing, but I can only remember that I still have so many projects to do.

I know that the Lord has a plan, and I know that school is in His plan. Now, if I can just get through the next 6 weeks, it will be great! A scary thought that I will be student teaching in one year and roughly 6 weeks. yikes!

...the wifey