Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Chuck and Huck

This video is hilarious. Regardless of who you want to be for the next President, it is worth a good laugh.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

School Work

So, Thanksgiving is almost here! WOOHOO! Once Thursday is over, I can finally breathe easy! When we return from Thanksgiving I will have about 4 tests (that includes finals) and that is it for the semester. Time sure flies by when you are busy...thank goodness for that!

So, some of you may be wondering exactly what I do in class (then again, maybe you aren't) but just in case you cared, here is one of my assignments.

I created that entire bad boy. Craziness. I have a video and powerpoint and photostory that will be added on there at some point. So, I am pretty proud of my little creation, especially after seeing some of my fellow classmates websites. Hopefully I make a good grade! :o)

PS- thank the dear Lord that Clint is home from his trip!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Single Mom

Well, Clint is out of town for the week in San Antonio for work! Lucky! So, of course, he leaves me here with Cooper. I'm not sure how this all worked out seeing as I was telling him that I needed a vacation. I suppose that my time will come shortly, and I will milk it for all I can! :o) It hasn't been too bad just the 2 of us, but I hate being alone at night. I tried to find a friend to come sleepover! (yes, I am that lame!) But alas, no one wanted to. I suppose I can be a big girl and make it work for a few more days. On the up side, I have a babysitter tomorrow night so I can go to "Diva Night" at the Clay Cafe with a friend! WooHoo!! Now if only I could think of something to paint...

Oh, and a little late, but here is a picture of our little skunk from Halloween! He was pretty funny!

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