Monday, March 9, 2009

You know you've run over a skunk when...

Friday night we were driving home from a little get together when we accidentally ran over a skunk. Neither one of us had done that before, and can I say that from now on we will do whatever it takes to not do it again. Seriously, the smell associated with a dead skunk is terrrrible. We can still smell it despite our attempts to rectify the situation. ugh.

In other news, Britton Thomas joined our world on Jan. 15, 2009 around 7:45ish. He weighed 7lbs 14 oz. and is absolutely precious. We loved our stay at the hospital in Decatur. They are awesome there! Britton is still doing great, now almost 2 months old (already??) and most likely over 10 lbs. He loves to eat and talk and smile. Precious! He has not had a bottle yet, which we are all impressed with, especially knowing what type of eater his big brother is. Britton, I have a feeling, will be much bigger than Cooper. He is sleeping well at night, which I am extremely grateful for!

Cooper is a great big brother, who loves to love on his little brother. He sometimes likes to hug a little too tight, kiss a little too long, and lay on top of baby Britton as he calls him. I have a feeling he will be a tough little boy after Cooper is done loving on him! Coop is growing so much, he seems enormous compared to Britton! He is doing puzzles like it is no big deal, and he comes up with the funniest things to say. He has a great sense of humor. He is definitely missing his friends and familiar surroundings from Lubbock, but he has adjusted pretty well. He has been asking if we can go back home more recently, but I can't figure out what he is referring to. We took him by our old house in Lubbock (which the sale was completed a week after B was born! wahoo!) and he was very confused and said he didn't know where we were. So, who knows what he is talking about.

Anyways, things are going great here in big D. Just trucking along, planning all kinds of fun stuff for our youth group. We are looking forward to a little bit of a spring break, and we might even see Disney on Ice!


Kelly said...

Yay! An update! Lol, I was with my parents one time when the car ahead of us hit a skunk. I have never seen my parents move so fast to close the vents...

Also, Britton is adorable!!! More pictures please!

Kelly B.